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Dec 04, 2018

In order to grow and find success in my business, it’s important to review past failures and learn from them. I think working on personal development is crucial for business development. To me, they go hand in hand.

Ok, so I didn’t exactly FAIL as a personal trainer but I want to share with you why I FELT like I did.

  1. I WASN’T PASSIONATE ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS. I didn’t have an interest in training people for weight loss. I wanted to train people for strength, mobility + athletics. I felt like I doing a disservice because my heart wasn’t 100% in it. Don’t get me wrong, I was (and still am) a very good trainer - my clients always got results. I studied and worked hard to learn to be the best I could be. But in the end it didn’t matter if my heart wasn’t in it. Your trainer shouldn’t care partially, they should care wholly to go above and beyond.
  2. GOT LAZY. Because of this waning interest, I started to get lazy with maintenance systems....
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